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When it comes to mortgage rates we all have questions. Some of the most burning questions include whether to go for a fixed or variable mortgage. At Dominion Mortgage Pros we know the importance of making the right decisions. They affect your future. As much as we offer you personalized service to answer your burning questions, we do so to offer you the ideal solutions.

Conventional Rate Sheet
6 Months 4.69%
1 Year 4.09%
2 Years 4.04%
3 Years 4.39%
4 Years 4.59%
5 Years 4.54%
6 Years 5.39%
7 Years 5.44%
10 Years 5.54%
5yr Variable Rate 3.55%
Our Mortgage Rates
6 Months 7.55%
1 Year 6.24%
2 Years 5.54%
3 Years 4.89%
4 Years 5.14%
5 Years 4.64%
6 Years 6.04%
7 Years 6.09%
10 Years 6.14%
5yr Variable Rate 5.75%

Mortgage Rates

As part of our commitment to finding you the most competitive mortgage lending rates around, Dominion Mortgage Pros looks at your individual needs. Whether you are looking for a short or long term mortgage, variable or fixed rate, we aim to understand where you are coming from. In turn, we offer you some of the lowest mortgage lending rates in the country.

Rates are based on the most current lender information. Rates may vary based upon individual circumstances.

Rates subject to change without notice.

*O.A.C. E. & O.E.

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