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One of the most challenging aspects of life is to get adequate mortgage that is right for your personal circumstances. Sometimes it sounds good but is it really? It makes financial sense to shop around for private mortgage options when you are looking to borrow. 2 key things to look at are

i) loan eligibility
ii) mortgage lending rates

Firstly, private lending criteria is quite stringent which means as risk-based businesses, banks and credit unions are very strict with their mortgage lending criteria. This is where Domain Mortgage Pros come in. We work with some of the top private lenders in Edmonton to simplify the process of securing a private mortgage. Our clients are the centre of our business and that is why we cater to people who want nothing but the unparalleled best. We ensure the process is simplified and stress-free for you. If you’ve got equity in your home, our Dominion Lending experts can help find you a private mortgage.

Dominion Mortgage Pros offer private lending for various situations including:

  • second homes
  • renovations
  • private mortgage

Our private lending rates fair among the very lowest in the country at only 6.95%.


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